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Andrew van der Westhuizen

Getting things done and enjoying life

Hey there, fellow tech enthusiast! I'm excited to welcome you to my digital domain, where I spend a lot of my time exploring new projects and passions. This site serves as the perfect hub for my online presence, where I can showcase my personal works and connect with other like-minded individuals. I'm confident that you'll find my latest creations and endeavors to be both fascinating and inspiring.

Spyfall game

This Spyfall Web App that has greatly improved our gaming experience with friends. I initially built the app using WebSockets to learn go. I'm enthusiasticly aiming to offer a seamless and ad-free gaming experience to all.

Jokes web app

A Progressive Web App created with the goal of learning PWA development, delivering an array of dad jokes to brighten your day with just a tap.

Todo.txt editor

A privacy-focused web tool that locally edits and saves todo.txt files dropped into the browser, with no network traffic and no server components, ensuring data remains completely local.


A local-first web tool that manages bookmarks. It is developed as an alternative to LinkDing.

Bitburner scripts

I'm excited to share my Bitburner scripts repository, a collection of modular and customizable scripts designed to automate various tasks in the popular text-based hacking simulator, Bitburner.

AutoHotkey scripts

A collection of AutoHotkey scripts that I use to automate various tasks and improve my productivity. These scripts are designed to be modular and customizable, allowing you to easily adapt them to your needs.

Git templates

This repository offers essential aliases and hooks for Git, enabling you to standardize and customize your terminal workflow across multiple computers.

CodinGame profile

As an online platform that offers a variety of coding challenges and puzzles, Codingame is the perfect place to improve your programming abilities and show off your achievements.

Advent of Code

Every December, I eagerly participate in the Advent of Code, an annual coding challenge. It consists of increasingly complex programming problems, providing a fantastic opportunity for creative problem-solving.

Let us connect

I offer consultancy services, specialize in custom development, and create innovative apps. My base of operations is in the vibrant city of Cape Town, South Africa, and I am open to travelling for projects.

I launched my career in the consulting world, utilizing my expertise in Java and front-end technologies to deliver innovative solutions to clients. During this time, one of my clients introduced me to academia. I transitioned into a role as a developer at a university, where I collaborated with educators and researchers to enhance the institution's tech infrastructure. Subsequently, I made another transition, this time to a bank, where I eventually became the head of a fundamental division. This diverse experience honed my technical skills and sharpened my leadership abilities.

I'm passionate about technology and education and look forward to new challenges and opportunities in both fields.


I track statistics on my site, but I do not track any personal information. I use a self-hosted instance and I make the data available so that you can see the analytics for yourself.