Hey, I’m Andrew, often known as avanderw on the internet.

Many moons back, I wanted to grow up to be a computer game programmer. I got a book from the school library on BASIC, copied my first “game” from the pages, only to realize it was nothing like I had expected. I grew up fast. I was fortunate always to have had a computer to break. At varsity, I said I would never enter the boring corporate world. I was going to stick to very technical professions. Then reality hit, and I got myself a paying job. Today I work one of those boring corporate jobs. Though, to my surprise, it has been anything but boring.

I am who I am because of my choices, not the consequence of my circumstances. I have chosen to have two daughters, two dogs, and a three-legged cat. Yes, her name is Tripod, how else would you have it? I have also succeeded in being the only male in the house. Sadly, being the only male in the house does not mean I rule the roost—so many things I have yet to learn.

I have owned many pets. Never have I had an experience quite like owning two Pekinese dogs. I have found an animal that can snore louder than I do. Snoring louder than what I do is quite an accomplishment. They suit my personality perfectly. Confident, independent, stubborn, affectionate, and loving. I would describe them as monkeys crossed with lions.

My future holds lots of opportunities for me and others. I have learned a lot over the years, but the most important lesson is knowing that I will always be learning.

I am straight, blunt, and often to the point. Above all else, I value honesty. WYSIWYG, and I get shit done!